The quest for the black rose


The ultimate reference in every rose lover’s library! The mysterious story of a more than 4 century old quest for the black rose. Does the black rose exist, or has it ever existed? The complete history of this noble flower, based on authentic research, shows that the quest for the black rose goes back to the very earliest botanical writings. The Quest for the Black Rose is a prestigious edition of 43 by 31 centuries with splendid artistic photographs of old and contemporary roses. This utmost high-quality book also contains beautiful old colour drawings of dark roses. Prominent florists of world renown show creations with this unique flower.

For the Dutch edition, see ‘De zoektocht naar de zwarte roos’

The Holy Kama – Eng


Multitalent Kamagurka begon zijn carrière als cartoonist bij het Belgische weekblad HUMO. Vandaag publiceert hij in talloze media in verschillende landen zoals Nederland (NRC Handelsblad, HP de tijd), Frankrijk (Charlie Hebdo, Hara Kiri, Le Canard enchaîné), UK (Squib, The Spectator, Deadpan), Duitsland (Titanic, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Zitty, Eulenspiegel), Oostenrijk (Die Presse), USA (The New Yorker, National Lampoon, RAW),… De feilloze tekenpen, het messcherpe inzicht en de speelse geest van cartoonist en kunstenaar Kamagurka staan garant voor een vlijmscherpe kijk op de wereld.

Damien Koh Monograph


What started for Damien Koh (SIN) as a hobby or a fun way to earn some money, quickly turned into a professional career. Today, Koh is an internationally acclaimed floral designer who is invited to many places in the world for lectures and demonstrations.

Floral Art


The periodical publication International Floral Art, published by Stichting Kunstboek, not only offers a platform for new and inspiring floral trends and often spectacular designs, but is also a barometer for the innovation in floral art within each specific country. With more than 50 compositions judged worthy of publication by the international jury, the Russian avant-garde was particularly well represented in the 2008-2009 edition.

International Floral Art 2010-11


After the success of the previous three editions of International Floral Art, the fourth edition promises to be another hit with florists and lovers of floral art. This biennial publication, which has become a household word in the floral world, takes stock of innovative floral art worldwide.

Life3 – Table Arrangements


Tafeldecoraties is het zevende volume in de succesvolle reeks Creatief met bloemen. Life3 brengt in dit boek tafeldecoraties waarover uw gasten nog dagenlang zullen napraten en die uw etentje erg veel klasse geven. Tafeldecoraties bundelt talloze creatieve ideeën die van een gezellig samenzijn iets heel speciaals maken. Casual of in stijl, discreet of opvallend; deze florale werkstukken zullen uw feesttafel grandioos opsmukken en vormen beslist aanleiding tot een geanimeerd gesprek.

Naoki Sasaki


As one of the youngest members of Japan’s long and fruitful tradition of floral artists, Naoki Sasaki manages to hold his own very well. In a short time, he made himself noticed, won several prestigious prizes and grew from a promising name to one of the most respected masters of both traditional and contemporary Japanese floral art.

Ryusaku Matsuda


Transience is the central concept in the art of Ryusaku Matsuda, the grand master of contemporary Japanese floral art. His large-scale installations are a cross between traditional Ikebana and Land Art. Although his own emotional world often serves as the inspiration for the creation of a particular work, Matsuda does not consider himself an artist.

Blossoming Love


Edwin Molenaar is a Dutch floral designer who went to Japan at the age of 21. He worked there as a floral designer for several shops until he started his own business in 1997. Meanwhile, he has a floral studio and a gallery in the Risonare Hotel. Edwin Molenaar is well-known in Japan for the beautiful decorating of wedding receptions and parties. This book offers a whole range of ideas for bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, bridesmaids, table decorations, church decorations and wedding cars.

Master Florist


Geert Pattyn, one of the leading floral designers in Belgium, has a very natural and personal style. He has previously bundled floral creations in the bestsellers Floral Art Indoors and Twinkling Christmas. In his brand new monograph, we discover this captivating florist in his own natural environment. His home and garden are his source of inspiration, but also form the canvas for all his creations and presentations. As always: surprising, astonishing, enchanting and of the highest level, just like the photography of Bart Van Leuven. Images to dream away with.

On roses


On Roses wants to be an ode to the rose as queen of all flowers. In this inspiring book, Françoise Vandonink and Stefan Roosen – both Belgian floral design champions – bundle a plea of wonderful compositions with roses that accompany us on our journey through life. The birth of a baby, a christening party, a first communion, an engagement party, a wedding party, an anniversary, a funeral … But also Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and birthday parties are bathed in fragrant and multicoloured roses and rose petals.

What better to wish someone than a life that walks on roses?

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