Iris Mondelaers – Jewellery

The Limburg jewellery designer Iris Mondelaers (1973) skilfully explores the boundaries of the art of precious metalwork. Particularly known for her floral works, Mondelaers experiments with materials such as gold and silver, often in combination with semi-precious stones, diamonds and pearls. Her jewels are versatile, sometimes playful, sometimes tauter, but always undeniably feminine.

, 9789058565648

Authenticity and craftsmanship is a constant in her work. Each piece of jewellery is entirely made and finished by hand in her studio in Lummen. Since 1996, Iris Mondelaers has been able to mark her jewellery with her own master’s stamp, issued by the Royal Belgian Mint. This always guarantees the buyer a unique, handmade and authentic piece. Earlier this year, Iris Mondelaers also received the Handmade in Belgium label, which aims to give recognition and a helping hand to makers of quality craft products. A nice crown on a career of almost 20 years at home and abroad.