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Felix De Boeck

Technische fiche

Fotograaf Hugo Maertens
Formaat 30x24,5
Pagina's 192
Afwerking Hardcover
Taal Dutch, English, French, German
ISBN 978-90-5856-128-2

Felix De Boeck

€ 59,90
Felix De Boeck (1898-1995) is one of the few who searched for the soul of things throughout his career. The subject of his paintings is entwined with the deeper sense of life. He sublimated every sorrow and every joy in his paintings, with only a few themes in the last years, but with an unlimited variety of colours. His motherhoods are deeply-felt realities. His self-portraits speak volumes of proud courage. His self-donations are an unrelenting gift of gratitude. The Drogenbos patriarch is one of those legendary painters like James Ensor, Paul Delvaux or Salvatore Dali, who is perfectly true to himself, with a personality both as an individual and in his oeuvre. His paintings are a continuously self-innovating creation through the path of his life. This abstraction was not a completion, but a start. In the twenties he played a leading role internationally, in all his loneliness. This is how this master of abstract art gets full attention.
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