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100 Kindervragen. Muziek

Technische fiche

Fotograaf misc.
Formaat 24x17
Pagina's 64
Afwerking Softcover
Taal Dutch
ISBN 978-90-5856-452-8

100 Kindervragen. Muziek

€ 14,95
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Can blind people play an instrument?
Why does a conductor wave his arms?
Do men always have lower singing voices than women?

Music is the universal language. Young and old, black or white, man or woman; no one can imagine a life without music. To comprehend music even better, there’s ‘100 Children’s Questions: Music’, compiled and collected by Steven Van Havere; Arid-drummer and director of De Metronoom music school in Bruges. Children will learn about the theory behind music (Can we invent new music notes? What is acustics?) and their prefered musical instrument (Why are piano keys black and white? How loud can you play on a drum kit?). Next to classical music, popular new music forms such as rocking, deejaying, beatboxing are also taken into consideration. Even some popular questions about the music industry are answered (What’s a manager? Why doesn't every song come on the radio?) This book is the perfect introduction for everyone wanting to get a better insight in music. Those already playing an instrument will be amazed as to what they didn't know.
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