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100 Kindervragen. Huisdieren

Technische fiche

Fotograaf misc
Formaat 24x17
Pagina's 64
Afwerking Softcover
Taal Dutch
ISBN 978-90-5856-443-6

100 Kindervragen. Huisdieren

€ 14,95
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Why do male dogs pee so much?
Do hamsters really like to run round in a wheel?
Is it true that goldfish have a 1 second memory span?

Pets. They can be our very best friends, and yet we do not know a lot about them. Children are endlessly fascinated by them. Caroline De Vlamynck and Jeroen Declercq, both veterinarians working at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Ghent University aim to change this with this easy accessible book ‘100 Children’s Questions: Pets’. In primary schools they offer educational activities about pets. Cats and dogs, but also birds, reptiles and rodents. The 100 questions in this book, often charming and disheartening, have all been collected during these activities and are answered by our two vets in an understandable way, honest and to the point. In this book children will learn that dogs and cats can also get sunburn, they’ll learn how fish are operated on and why a rabbit’s droppings are round. This book delivers lively information in a very entertaining way. An adventure in exploration!
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