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Metaal, stof tot nadenken

Technische fiche

Formaat 24 x 17
Pagina's 80
Afwerking Softcover
Taal Dutch
ISBN 978-90-5856-036-0

Metaal, stof tot nadenken

€ 11,15

Metaal, stof tot nadenken

Except for an enormous public event, Open Monument Day Flanders also is an event with as a base a lot of knowledge and insight. Many specialists from different disciplines put the theme of the year into a larger context. The past many times proved that their approach often was the onset for the (re)discovering and appreciation of many interesting Flemish monuments. That’s why in 2001 the organisators chose to make this wealth of information available to the large audiences by means of an attractive and easily readable.

This publication brings the story of how the different sorts of metal were used in our moveable and unmoveable property were used: iron, lead, tin, copper, different alloyings and of course also precious metals like silver and gold. In this publication the reader is given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the hidden wealth of metal of the Flemish heritage.
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